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About Our Doods

The G.O.A.T.s... Shiloh and Roonii, where our doodle story began!
Before we knew it, we grew to this!

We are a small hobby breeder, with only a handful of litters planned each year, if that.

Our doods (and our minpin Deuce), are like our children, raised in our home with tons of love, play, socialization, and spoiling. We are fiercely protective of our girls (and guy), and they adore their hoomans. 

Ultimately, this means their babies are like our grandchildren! 

That makes us highly selective of the homes and families we place our ‘granddoods’ in. We believe each pup has a home and family it was uniquely born for, and our goal is to ensure they find it! 

Shi Shi (Shiloh Baby) as a pupper.

Roon Roon (Roonii Girl) as a pupper.

Baby Ember and Wookiee as puppers.